The Broadway Center is located at 820 Battery Street. We provide services to 58 families with children ages from three to five years old. We have three classrooms in which one classroom (FD1) is open full-day, all year round and two classrooms (FD2 and FD3) are open full-day, part year.

We both have indoor and outdoor spaces that cater to the needs of the children. Each classroom is well defined which contains different areas for learning and an outdoor area for playground and garden.

We have qualified and experienced staffs (Teachers and Family Advocates) that are performing to the best of their abilities, the duties and responsibilities in taking care of the learning and development of the child by addressing their individual needs like social, emotional, cognitive, health, and other aspects of their being.

We believe in the uniqueness of each child who has full potential to develop into well rounded individual by giving them the opportunity to explore and understand the things around them by providing curriculum that will develop the self and relationship to others, language and literacy, cognitive, physical and health as well . We give high regard on the partnership of school and family in which we give emphasis on the important role of parents and other significant adults in assisting the children in their growth and development. WE value the family engagement in which the parents and the family members are able to share their time and commitment in assisting the children to grow. We acknowledge the significant role of all the people who are working with us to make the learning environment safe, comfortable and enjoyable to children.

Center Story

Knowing that Kai Ming Head Start is an inclusive program that serves 10% children with disabilities, Jack's parents enrolled him in the program. Jack's parents initially had many concerns about his learning and development. Soon after joining Kai Ming, his parents started to be amazed by the progress Jack was making. Before coming to Kai Ming, Jack didn’t like going to school. Dropping him off had always been a big headache for his mother. While two weeks after he enrolled in Kai Ming North Beach Center, he fell in love with his new school! Every night before going to bed, Jack always asks mom, “Where is teacher?” Every morning, he looks forward to going to school.

His families have found that Jack become healthier, happier as well as more active and independent. Jack was a premature baby when he was born. He didn’t eat or sleep as well as most of his peers. He was still using bottles when he came to Kai Ming. Gradually, with teachers’ persistent care and guidance, Jack has learned to drink from a cup and feed himself. His parents are thrilled to see him gaining weight and self-help skills. Though Jack’s language development is relatively slow, he is making progresses: he has gained more vocabularies, and become more willing to talk and interact with teachers and peers. Jack used to be a quite shy kid, and didn’t like skin to skin contact with others, even with his parents. One day when mom came to pick him up at school, he asked mom to get down to his level, and gave her a gentle kiss! Mom was so touched and burst into tears! She felt as sweet as honey! She wondered what kind of magic the teachers used to help Jack make such an amazing change.

Jack’s mom is so grateful that with Kai Ming’s support and help, Jack and everybody else in the family is able to sleep and eat well, be less stressful and more focused on work or school. “Kai Ming did not only help Jack, but also saved our family!” said she.

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