Classroom Environment Matters

  Classroom settings are environments that reflect our community in a meaningful way. At the start of a new year, we take time to explore classroom learning areas together as children are developing friendships with one another. We introduce ourselves to each other and learn each others names.We establish, review, and implement practices [...]

Preparing Parents for a Job Interview

  As part of our family services, we offer a variety of training such as the Family Economic Success Series that provide training to parents on workforce development topics such as job readiness, career counseling, and job placement. At our recent workshop, we were filled to capacity with parents participating, asking many questions and taking [...]

Expressing Gratitude

The holiday season welcomes a time of reflection and gratitude. Expressing thanks goes a long way to show appreciation and nurture relationships. Michelle Obama once said, "We learned about gratitude and humility - that so many people had a hand in our success, from the teachers who inspired us to the janitors who kept our [...]

Program Model We Adopt

  As children are growing, so is their curiosity and desire to learn. They are curious about their surroundings and are beginning to develop an awareness of themselves. Our preschool curriculum is relationship based where teachers build relationships with each child and provide opportunities for children to build relationships with each other and [...]

Kai Ming Richmond Center Knitting Group

  A parent-teacher knitting group was formed at Kai Ming Head Start Richmond Center. On Tuesday afternoons across 10 weeks, interested parents and grandparents came to join this fun and creative workshop with our teachers at Richmond Center. Group member's experience ranged from beginner to advanced. In our first meeting, group members determined [...]

Teacher Evelyn Bandelaria at Kai Ming North Beach is Raising A Reader’s February Superstar!

Once a month Evelyn hosts a Family Literacy Day in her classroom where parents are invited to participate in storytelling with the children. Parents take turns sharing a story in their home language and then the teachers lead an extension activity related to the book or story shared. Word spread about Evelyn's [...]

Kai Ming Head Start North Beach Center’s Family Literacy Day

  January 27, 2012 was Kai Ming Head Start North Beach Center’s Family Literacy Day. A lot of parents came to our center and participated in this exciting and meaningful event, reading books, and interacting with children and teachers. Also, ING Bank staff representatives, CJ and Stephanie, joined the event and provided parents [...]

TKL Center Celebrating ‘Read Across America Day’ on March 2nd, 2012

  National Education Association's Read Across America Day is on its 2nd year. The main goal of Read Across America Day is to share a love of reading and build a nation of readers. Research shows that children who are motivated to read and spend more time reading have better performance at school. [...]

A Bouncing Egg–Science in the Classroom

  Recently, children in Kai Ming Sunset Center conducted an experiment to investigate what kinds of beverages are best for our teeth. We used eggs to represent teeth, because eggshells are made of calcite, a crystalline form of our calcium carbonate. Children placed an egg in each container and added in different drinks [...]

Richmond Center April Math Afternoon Event

  Richmond Center had a special event--Math Afternoon in April. This event was about getting parents involved in everyday math activities with their children at school. Various games, which could foster children’s learning of math, were provided. For instance, one game was shooting and counting hoops, another was bowling and counting how many [...]