A parent-teacher knitting group was formed at Kai Ming Head Start Richmond Center. On Tuesday afternoons across 10 weeks, interested parents and grandparents came to join this fun and creative workshop with our teachers at Richmond Center. Group member’s experience ranged from beginner to advanced. In our first meeting, group members determined the level of experience each one had with knitting. Parents and grandparents also decided on a project they wanted to accomplish and selected the necessary yarn and materials. Group members worked on various knitting projects such as scarves, vests, dresses and socks. They were persistent and very engaged in their projects, and reported back that this activity was truly stress-relieving and gave them a sense of pride and accomplishment to see their projects coming together. Another benefit of this group was that it engaged parents and family members in an activity that fostered conversation and relationship building. Family members and staff interacted and learned from one another, and gained valuable new skills. We look forward to see what other creative groups form through family interests and suggestions.

Parents experience ranges from beginner to advanced. In our first meeting group members determined the level of experience each parent has with knitting. Parents also decided on a project they would like to do and picked out the yarn for it. Parents are working on different projects like scarfs, vests, a dress and a pair of socks. This group has 8 parents participating and they meet once a week on Tuesdays from 1:30 pm to 3:15pm. This activity will go about 6-10 weeks. Parents are very engaged in their projects and report back that this activity is truly relieving their stress and makes them feel good as they see their projects come together and they take pride in their accomplishments.