St. Luke Center is located at 1755 Clay Street in San Francisco, which is a convenient location for public transportation access. We currently have one Full Day Full Year classroom and two Full Day Part Year classrooms, serving a total of 62 children ages three to five, and their families. The center has a rooftop playground with two play structures, a biking area, a beautiful sand box, and learning areas for manipulatives, books, art, music, and blocks. Children learn about nature by taking care of plants, which fosters empathy toward others.

Our teaching staff and family advocates are from diverse backgrounds. They speak multiple languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taishanese to meet the needs of the children and families we serve. Our staff are highly qualified professionals with passion, knowledge and experiences in early childhood education. In addition to supporting our children in reaching their individual potential in the areas of cognition, language and literacy, math, science, health and safety, we enhance children’s social and emotional skills, as its also an important part of school readiness. We offer various teacher-guided and children- initiated hands-on learning experiences for children to achieve their developmental goals.

Furthermore, we believe parents and families are children’s first teachers, life-long educators, and most valuable guides in their children’s lives. We highly encourage parents to volunteer in our classrooms to share their knowledge and skills, join activities, read books or tell stories. We look forward to meeting and serving you and your family at our St. Luke Center.

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