Sunset Center is located at the corner of Taraval Street and 38th street in the Outer Sunset district. Currently, we serve children and their families in two full day classrooms.

The majority of our staff members have been working with young children for over ten years. We are multilingual and speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese and Tagalog. Our staff members also have talents in singing, playing music instrument and creative arts.

We have a comfortable and sunny play yard which includes an appropriate playground structure, a sand box with a boat, and a water play box.

Our curriculum activities are geared towards enhancing children literacy, math, science, and physical development. For example, the Raising a Reader Project provides books for children to read at home and creative body movement activities enhance non-verbal social skill, body awareness, balance and attention.

We highly value family participation and our families volunteer daily at Sunset Center.

Hope to see you and your family at our site.

Carmen Ngan
Site Manager

Center Story

Kai Ming Head Start has provided a place for families such as the Yamamoto family, who is raising their children in a Japanese language environment at home. The Yamamoto family came to Kai Ming as first generation immigrants from Japan. They were very happy to find Kai Ming Head Start where their son could participate in a rich preschool experience and have exposure to different languages and cultures form a very early age. Kai Ming provided a place where Hideyoshi, as a father, could engage in his son's early education and share about his language and culture. As a family they were able to share learning experiences on field trips to local places like the Cow Palace for farm day, and the Exploratorium as part of the science learning and enhancing children's knowledge about the world around them. Hideyoshi has seen his preschooler develop a greater awareness of the English language and an increased willingness to speak in English with others, which is something he was not able to do prior to attending Kai Ming Head Start. As a father of 3, Hideyoshi has seen his two older sons, both Kai Ming graduates who are now in second and fourth grade, doing very well in elementary school. He attributes their success to the strong foundation in early education that his children have received from Kai Ming Head Start. Hideyoshi says, "I sincerely hope that the program can continue in the future to provide similar experiences and benefits to future preschool children growing up in San Francisco.

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