The Creative Curriculum

Follows How Children Develop and Learn

Kai Ming Head Start incorporates the award-winning Creative Curriculum in our infant, toddler and preschool classrooms. The most widely used preschool curriculum in the country, the Creative Curriculum is a research-based approach that follows how children develop and learn. It offers a scope and sequence of learning experiences based on a child’s developmental stages.

Our teachers are trained in this curriculum model, and develop lesson plans based on the Creative Curriculum. Importantly, they incorporate children’s interests and needs as well as family background and input. Teachers also use tools such as Mighty Minutes and Intentional Teaching Cards. Families participate with Family Activity cards that are sent home.

Classroom environment, schedules, routines, and classroom interactions are the focuses for the Creative Curriculum. During the beginning of the school year, routines are established, both in the classroom and at home. The classroom and home environment are set up for exploration based on children’s ages and interests. Units on “All About Me” and “Family and Traditions” put the student and their families at the center of learning. This sets the stage for meaningful engagement, and empowers confident, creative and caring learners.

The Creative Curriculum is aligned with the Head start Early Learning Outcome Framework (ELOF), Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP), and California Curriculum Frameworks for Preschool, and Infant Toddler. Alignment with these frameworks allows child outcome assessment, follow-up, and individualization. Teachers adjust curriculum to meet children’s developmental needs and to foster their continuous development.

Families receive information about the Creative Curriculum in their parent handbook and at parent orientation.

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