Dual Language Learning

Our goal in supporting dual language learners is to ensure children’s success in developing both their home language and the English language. We recognize the importance of keeping children’s home language and home culture as the foundation of early learning and development. We use a Planned Language Approach (PLA) that is implemented, starting with an analysis of family language composition.

All Kai Ming centers adopt dual language instruction to reflect the language needs of the children and families. In the prenatal program, we introduce dual language learning to expectant parents. In the infant and toddler classroom, our goal is to help children maintain their home language through its use in the classroom. In the preschool program, the instructional language is mainly English. Teachers supplement with the home language whenever children need it. The placement of classroom teachers aims to have a native English speaker and another teacher capable of speaking children’s home language.

As children learn English, they also continue to develop their home language, keeping their connection to their home culture. The home language serves as the foundation for second language learning. As children begin to switch between their home language and English, they develop abstract thinking skills, which will benefit them as they continue to learn and grow.

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